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Dr. Quasar’s Nightmare

Dr. James Francis Quasar,

Today is the 13th of December year 2020—my birthday.

I have been locked on timewave-3 for an unknown amount of time, and I feel I am at my wit’s end. I turn 64 years of age today, but, based on my calculations, I have now lived some 324 years stuck within the confines of this treacherous building.

Somewhere in the past, I was knocked out of timewave-5—where I originate from, landing on timewave-3 (TW3). I cannot seem to find a way out. I have watched my younger self come and go for eons. I have tried to connect with him so to find my way back to TW3. He is the one that discovered (discovers) the missing equation needed to unravel TW0. The poor man is locked in a whip of alcoholism and cannot break free. We have spent many nights together drinking the stars away, and even after all this time, he still has not made the connection that we are one and the same. I suppose time resets for him on each interval, whereas it continues for me, so he hasn’t the memory.

I have, on occasion, tried to change or alter his actions and guide him into a better lifestyle, but no matter what efforts I make, he just slides right back into the bottle. I am writing in this journal for you, him/me, or whoever is to read this at whatever time. You should know: In my (our) office in Science Hall basement, I have learned that the opening within the brick wall—that is, the loose brick I (we) keep our hidden drink—seems to have some connection with the timewave interloop. I can reach myself (you) on other waves, i.e., depending on when something is left within. This journal will no doubt become blank upon my return tomorrow, and it snows tonight. I will leave you (me) with what I have learned about our current situation:

We (I) have been on a loop in timewave-3 from December 13th, 2018, to December 13th, 2020, for at least 150 cycles now. Tonight, it will reset.

I have made multiple attempts to get this notebook to you. This time, I will leave it with the front office in a box to be mailed to you. If you do receive this, try and reach me by leaving a message within.

If you wish to leave the building at any time, it must be done during a snowfall. Our only opportunity to leave the building is during a fresh snowfall—that is, while the isthmus and surrounding lakes are blanketed with untouched snow. It must also be actively snowing. The strip of land between the two frozen lakes acts as a conductor. The falling snowflakes then generate friction, expanding the isolated warping of timewaves within the building to the edge of the lakes. Please know that the snow schedule has altered and decreased drastically since 1910. It comes lighter and later in the year now, so opportunities to escape and get to campus are slim. Also, due to technological advancements, the city can remove the snow within hours of it falling, so you must be quick. Else you’ll get stuck outside and then flung onto some other timewave without memory of your previous whereabouts.

In my loop, I can only make it out of the building on three nights of the year before I am flung back to the starting point. The young J.F. here in TW3 has been working diligently on the God Equation, but I cannot seem to line up with him and extract the formula from his journal. It always seems to disappear somewhere upon his return from the Tornado Steak house. He may lose or misplace it in his absolute state of inebriation, or another one of us or one of them is retrieving it. If you find this version of the journal, please note that the equation is derived on TW3 on the night of November the 3rd, 2019, while at the Tornado Steak House lounge. Do not disrupt the man or limit his drinking—the blacked-out state gives him the right amount of lucidness to generate the formula but shortly after, the journal disappears. If you find yourself on TW3, there are only three nights to leave the building. 11/03/19, 12/22/19, and 12/13/2020.

Just after the snowfall in the isthmus—before the trucks come to scrape it away. You will have a few hours to roam the city. This is important: The lakes must be frozen, and the streets must be covered with an untampered bed of snow. It must also be snowing heavily. If you find yourself outside of the building when they begin lifting the snow, you will be shot back to the beginning of the loop as it will break the connection. Otherwise, it will restart at 3:13 am on 12/14/2020—at least that is the restart date for me.

It has been so long since I was placed here, I do not recall how I got here. All I can say is: I remember bits and pieces of the experiment, but I cannot recollect when or where it was performed. The last memories I have outside of this wave were learning of the six timewaves plus one, just before I fell from my office chair and awoke in the lobby of this building. My younger self is not originally from this timewave either. I don’t think he is unaware that he is not living on his normal timewave. His steady state of inebriation must keep him from seeing clearly. Perhaps he is me from TW5 or another—he is not from this wave. Whoever or whichever one of us finds this journal, be wary of the drink and the snow. The experiment has unraveled the strings of time and interwoven our existences. We must find the equation to reverse what we have done and warn the people of what is to come. I set out tonight to place this journal in the small grotto of our office wall at 11:00 pm, to which I shall return to the steakhouse for cocktails with J.F. before the clock is reset.