Series: Coding Humans Series

Coding Humans: Episode 2- Anunnaki

4.5 billion years ago, when Earth was just a floating blue ball, it whipped around the Sun with a sister planet, opposing its trail. The two spheres of massive proportion would zip past each other on each revolution, never coming in contact. Each of their orbits was shifted slightly from being uniform with the sun like two overlapping circles. This neighboring planet to Earth would eventually become known as Planet Theia.

Coding Humans: Episode 1, A New Moon

Just outside the edge of Earth’s solar system, a large spherical vessel cuts through the fabric of space like a knitting needle slipping through a bubble. After a quick lightspeed jump, it becomes stationary, floating near Neptune. It then rotates slowly, adjusting its trajectory to align with the Sun. Once the object’s course is set, the metallic ball goes from stagnant to a blurred stream shooting past Saturn, gliding across the planet’s rings. The warped space trail leaves The Ringed Planet and loops around Jupiter using its gravitational pull to sling itself towards Earth. On its way to Earth, the craft maneuvers between Phaeton and Mars, sending a gravitational wave through Phaeton’s surrounding space-median—the waves are left rippling in its trails. It then gains momentum, reaching speeds upward to seventy-five percent of the speed of light. Once the object reaches terminal vacuum velocity, it travels approximately 694,000,000 kilometers from Jupiter to Earth in just under half a second. It then comes to a crushing halt sending another gravitational wave across the galaxy. The vessel has arrived at its destination; destination: Earth’s orbit.