[18] Coding Humans: Dr. Quasar’s Nightmare; History

[18] Coding Humans: Dr. Quasar’s Nightmare; History

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“Hey Siri, search Google ‘construction 53703 Metropolitan Place’.”

“I found this on the web:”

Google- Construction 53703 Metropolitan Place

madison.com › news › default-claims-filed-on-condos…


Feb 6, 2008 — The fate of the newly completed Metropolitan Place II, a 164-unit … Construction of several ambitious condo projects and conversions of …

www.madisoncampusanddowntownapartments.com › … 

Metropolitan Apartments | Madison Campus & Downtown …

Metropolitan Apartments located in Madison, WI offering FREE HEAT!, FREE … Great location walk to shopping, entertainment, campus, State Street, dog park, … Intercom Access Building; On Bus Line To Epic; Some Handicap Accessible …

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“Hey Siri, search Google ‘construction 53703 Metropolitan Place 2008’.”

“I found this on the web:”

Google- Construction 53703 Metropolitan Place 2008

madison.com › news › default-claims-filed-on-condos…


Feb 6, 2008 — The fate of the newly completed Metropolitan Place II, a 164-unit … Construction of several ambitious condo projects and conversions of …

madison.com › business › some-pricey-condos-here-are… 


Aug 1, 2008 — At Metropolitan Place, 333 W. Mifflin St., prices have been reduced … The 2008 Parade of Condos, sponsored by the Madison Area Builders …

www.emporis.com › buildings › metropolitan-place-ii-…

Metropolitan Place II, Madison | 101597 | EMPORIS

Metropolitan Place II is a 13-story high-rise building in Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.. View a detailed profile of the structure 101597, including further data and …

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J.F. taps on the EMPORIS article. 

(‘13-story high-rise? They said it is 12-stories. The elevators only have L-12 on the buttons.’ ‘Don’t forget the basement. It is not included in this count.’ ‘So, the 12th floor is actually the 13th floor, or the basement is the 13th floor?’ ‘I guess it depends on which floor one starts at.’ ‘Alright. Let’s not get superstitious here. On the other hand, numbers have great meaning—maybe not by themselves, but when applied in engineering, numbers are quite significant. Take the Cicadas, for instance: they burrow underground and only emerge to breed on yearly prime intervals, so to avoid cross breeding’s with other Cicadas.’ ‘Yes – the periodical Cicadas comes out to breed but need to avoid other variations of their species. For example, if one type comes out every 13th year for three cycles, say 2000, 2013, 2026, and the other comes every 17 years, 2001, 2018, 2035, then they flip to 17 and 13, they will never come at the same time.’ ‘Ah yes – the beauty of the prime numbers.’ ‘I knew something was off about this place.’ ‘Well, what does that have to do with a building?’ ‘I don’t know. It just came to mind.’ ‘Alright then.’ ‘Let’s check out some old articles.’)

October 11th, 1916 – Madison State Journal

Tragedy on Campus

A fire broke loose in the dome of The Main Hall at The University of Wisconsin—Madison yesterday afternoon. Top physics student, James Francis Quasar, is in custody under suspicion of performing illegal experiments. So far, they appear to be the cause of the fire, a fire that led to twelve students’ injuries and the death of three. It is unclear what his experiments were. Other professors are currently investigating them and stated that all work is confidential regardless of legal inquires and warrants due to government top secrecy.” 

December 1st, 1916

Madison State Journal

Laws do not Apply to the Connected

Grad student/assistant professor James Francis Quasar’s case was dismissed yesterday morning. It appears the case was dropped without firm reasoning. The judge stated, “Due to an insufficient amount of submittal evidence, the court must dismiss this case, clearing ‘James Francis Quasar’ of all accusations.” Local parents of students are furious and plan to sue the university for the catastrophe when an experiment executed on October 11th apparently went wrong. The assistant professor is presumably accused of causing the fire, a fire that initiated the collapse of the Main Hall dome. After the building is rebuilt, the university plans to rename it “Bascom Hall” in honor of John Bascom, the university president from 1874 to 1887. Even though the experiment caused three deaths, the graduate student did not lose his job. He is said to be continuing his experiments in the basement of “Science Hall” despite the hundreds of complaints from professors, students, and parents. The university’s only public explanation was: Experiments bring performed in the former ‘Main Hall’ are of the utmost top-secret. There is no evidence linking student James Quasar to the fire. For our country’s safety, the work being done by top officials in cahoots with our university staff must remain privileged.

December 20th, 1920

Madison State Journal

City Fears for its Safety

The Good Doctor is at it again! The recently graduated student, now Dr. James Francis Quasar, is again being accused of performing dangerous and illegal experiments. Experiments were thought to be the cause of the death of three innocent students four years ago. Since the tragedy, the former student is now the head professor of the Physics department. After publishing his groundbreaking work on time-displacement, he was appointed this role—a topic emerging from his Hypothetical Physics thesis.  Many Madison residents, WI, are nervous about the professor’s part on a new construction site downtown near the capitol. It appears he is in charge of the construction of an enormous building. There is great secrecy surrounding the architecture and materials being delivered. The building’s structure is to be located on the block encased by West Washington and West Mifflin. 

The little we could find out led us to believe that there will be two towers, Tower I on West Washington and Tower II on West Mifflin. The structure is said to take up to 20-years to complete. 

Having new buildings put up is not abnormal. However, the reasoning why a mad physicist would be in charge of the construction, architecture, and managing of the engineers brought this to our attention. Further investigation led us to believe that this is due to an anomaly located at this geographical position. We researched the professors’ studies and dived into his recently published textbook title, ‘Hypothetical Physics.’ In Dr. Quasar’s book, he mentions that there are electromagnetic hotspots positioned about the Earth. The strongest one discovered may be right between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. Based on the book’s data, it appears that the location chosen for the building is the same location he speaks of in the text.

Electromagnetic hotspots are found using geometry across spheres. Many monoliths, pyramids, and other massive structures have been found built on these hotspots. It has been hypothesized that the sites were specifically chosen to amplify these hotspots or ley lines. Ancient astronaut theorists believe these monolithic structures positioned about the “ley lines” would allow the builders to communicate with beings from other planets, galaxies, or even dimensions. Although, in Dr. Quasars’ textbook, ‘Hypothetical Physics,’ he makes valid arguments that theorize that these monolithic structures are not for communicating but rather to collect and store energy. The energy is then dispersed into the ground. It would be the ideal way to power an underground civilization that could only harness large quantities of energy from a celestial body’s surface activity.

According to Dr. Quasars’ text, this particular hotspot is the most active and most potent in the Americas or likely on Earth. It is said to be so because of the location, i.e., it is wedged between two large lakes, which create a sort of invisible medium between them. A medium that can contain and trap electromagnetic anomalies. People did not take Dr. Quasars’ theories seriously. Many people have still reported strange phenomena in this zone, such as lightning bolts shooting out of their fingertips while standing on the frozen lakes during snowfalls. 

The precise use of the building is unclear. Citizens are frightened that dangerous experiments are to be performed.  

December 24th, 1960

Madison City Journal

Bankruptcy on Mifflin St.

The 16-yearlong vacancy of the Mifflin St. high-rise has come to an end. It is to be taken over by the local banks and is planned to be remodeled for residential use. The bank will convert the mysterious building, initially designed for local scientists’ physics experiments, into condominiums.

The original architect and project manager, a former physics professor, Dr. Quasar, had been the primary resident leading up to his disappearance, speculated to occur sometime during 1943 or 1944. 

According to the city’s records, the construction began in 1920 on a plot of land formerly owned by Dr. James Francis Quasar and his wife, Elevyn. They signed the plot over to the university and government under the condition they would be granted rights to keep permanent residence on the property. No one is quite sure what happened to Dr. Quasars’ wife. Over the years, it appears that the former professor just vanished from the university. Some people believe that he murdered his wife and buried her deep within the building’s construction and then left the state or country years later. Everyone we interviewed said there is no way that could be true, stating, “The love between James and Ella was pure and unbreakable. Only God himself could keep them apart.” 

Former colleagues of James had reported that he had lost his mind after his wife Ella went missing. Then, after the death of his closest friend Nikola Tesla, he stopped talking to anyone. His former students said that Mr. Tesla was the only person that helped him keep it together after his wife disappeared on his 35th birthday, December 13th, 1919. When we interviewed one of his former students—now esteemed physicist Dr. Adam Aker—he told us, “Dr. Quasar was the happiest, smartest, kindest and most generous person I have ever known. His pure optimistic approach to life was desolated after Ella disappeared. The only thing that kept him sane was his obsession with his experiments. I tried to keep in touch and offered my help, but he would always say to me, ‘It’s best we keep you where you are.’, and leave it at that. I remember that he befriended Nikola Tesla. The two of them had resided in his buildings for a decade or so. I think they found comfort in each other’s genius. The two of them had become social outcasts over the years for their talks on alien races and how they are responsible for the existence and the deliverance of knowledge to humankind. This led many to think they were off their rockers. I believe it was due to this that James and Nikola isolated themselves in his buildings. I tried to stay in touch over the years, but around 1940, I never heard from him again. Leading up to that time, he had become consistently drunk and stopped showing up for lectures. He was only sparsely seen by one assistant in his basement office in Science Hall. She said that he would randomly appear, stretched out over weeks and months without notice until he just never came back. She knew when he had been there by measuring the amount of alcohol in a bottle he kept tucked behind a loose stone in the wall. She said that sometimes, his notebook would also be resting against the bottle, but she never invaded his privacy. Then, sometime around 1943, when Nikola passed away, the lights of his building on Mifflin St. went out, and no one has seen him since.”

December 24th, 1960

Wisconsin State Journal

Lightshow on Mifflin St. 

On Tuesday, December 13th, a brilliant light show dazzled amongst the falling snowflakes. The show was so spectacular that Madison’s whole city was lit up in the middle of the night around 2:00 am as if it were a summer day. 

The strange light show originated above the isthmus wedged between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. Spectators claim that it emanated from the twin high rises on Mifflin St. and West Washington a few blocks from the capitol. The viewers say it looked like veins of electricity were connecting each individual snowflake to the top of Tower II on Mifflin St. 

Tower II had recently been acquired by the local banks. They are set to begin remodeling it for condominiums, which will be named “The Metropolitan Place Condominiums.” The previous landlord had been the missing professor, Dr. James Francis Quasar. When questioning the banks, they had no knowledge of the light show or where it came from. They said, “As far as we know, the building has been vacant for years.” We went to the local university to question their astrophysics department. They said: The light show mimicked the ‘Aurora Borealis.’ It was a freak occurrence likely due to the heavy snowfall generating friction. The large space between the two high rise towers created a sort of vacuum that then turned the buildings into a giant capacitor. The two frozen lakes must have built up a collection of electrons. The friction from the snow and the building’s design created the perfect situation for the weird strings of electricity. 

When asked if the professor who designed the building meant this to be the case, they declined to respond. Some students came out and said, “The building itself acts like two huge prongs of an electrical plug protruding into the sky. It creates a sort of positive and negative intake which isolates the static electricity into waves of lights flowing in circles between the towers.” 

Some suspect that this was a secret experiment by Dr. Quasar. But the university physics department says, verbatim, “It was simply a rare natural phenomenon. An archaic-drunken-physicist who is likely dead or passed out drunk in a ditch somewhere couldn’t be responsible for such a complex experiment.”  

October 3rd, 1970

Madison City Journal

50 Years of Construction Finally End

The former head of the university’s physics department, professor Dr. James Francis Quasar’s buildings are finally finished. The downtown monstrosities had a constant backslide with funding the original construction and then the remodeling for the condominiums. Somewhere along with the original structure, Dr. Quasar had disappeared without leaving behind any knowledge of where he went. 

The rumor goes: While the building’s construction was taking place, Dr. Quasar was performing experiments in some secret underground lab, the former basement of he and his wives. However, the building has no basement on record, so it must have been closed off or hidden, considering the rumor to be true. A few of his former students said he was rambling on-and-on—night-after-night, at local bars about some time-wave displacement equation that he couldn’t solve. They said he would sit at the bar drinking Gin, scribbling endlessly in his notebook trying to solve something. 

Apparently, Dr. Quasar was suffering from severe alcoholism after his wife disappeared. When interviewing some of his students, now in their 70’s and 80’s, they recalled him saying that the only way to bring her back is to solve the equation. But he was too old now to do it and needed to find his younger self, who is living in the future trapped in the building he did his experiment in. They assumed he lost his mind due to severe depression combined with an excess of ethanol consumption, which ultimately ruined his career.

The former students went on in some more detail, recalling him say that he claims he had discovered the secret behind the numbers 3, 6, and 9. The numbers Nikola Tesla famously claimed are “The secret to the universe.” 

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6, and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.

Nikola Tesla 

July 10th, 1856 – January 7th, 1943

Mr. Tesla had been seen around the city early in the 1930s. He was not associated with the campus, and it was thought that he was just visiting. Still, rumors spread that he had been secretly living in the high-rise building on West Washington, now called ‘Metro Place – Phase I.’ 

The former students, who wish to remain anonymous, are bow reconsidering Dr. Quasars drunken gibberish as protentional ground shattering truths. I.e., considering the recent breakthroughs in quantum mechanics and relativity.

The students that brought forth these rumors had great details about the work the Professor and Tesla were doing together. It had not been released to the public when found due to the alcohol-driven nature of conversations that took place thirty-some years ago.

The Metro-Place Phase I and Phase II are now available for business and rental properties even though Tower I had been completed some 20-years before tower 2. 

The atmosphere within the two identical buildings is anything but identical. Tower II feels like being in the Plaza Hotel of New York City when it first opened on October 1st, 1907. The interior design choices remain a mystery. We think the lack of funding led to purchasing out-of-date décor. Nevertheless, a home in PHASE II accompanied with an evening at the Tornado room is a euphoric blast from the past. Perfect for anyone seeking refuge in the history of America.


1970 – December 30th 

Christmas tragedy Massacre

It has been just over ten years since the bizarre light show on Mifflin Street. One week ago, on the same day as the light show, another inexplicable event occurred. On Monday morning, located in the downtown metro place condominiums an employee, opened the door to the clubhouse to find the room filled with slaughtered bodies. The entire ballroom was littered with bodies of which had been hacked to pieces. The body parts laid overnight half-submerged in a thin pool of blood accumulated on the wooden dancefloor barricaded by steps. Police officers counted twenty dead bodies in total. Detectives are baffled because there was no evidence of anyone being there to perform the acts. All of the deaths took place on the dance floor in the center of the room, which is about a foot lower than the surrounding floor creating the perfect liquid container. The forensic team can find no lead as there were no footprints anywhere to be located outside of the blood pond. They also found no weapons or signs of resistance from the body pieces they examined. It is almost as if the group took voluntary part in a simultaneous mass murder. Furthermore, none of the people found in the room were listed as tenants of the building. The host of the party was found to be a Dr. Tripper, but there does not seem to be any Dr. Tripper’s that live in the building. The management and other tenants say it was as if the corpses just fell into the room out of thin air. Then they murdered each other, and anyone left offed themselves. They had no knowledge that a party was to be thrown there at all. The tenants are supposed to go through a signup sheet and get approval from the board before scheduling the party. After that, they have to coordinate with the staff so that the staff is there to unlock the room and activate all of the equipment. The police interviewed hundreds of residents, but none of them came off suspicious or knew what happened. 

A man was found sleeping in the trash area on an old mattress. He claims to have no recollection of what happened or showed any signs of being involved with the tragedy other than an ax being tucked up under his arms while he slept. The ax does not have traces of blood on it but is further being investigated. They assume the man stole the ax while intoxicated from an emergency firebox. So far, he is the detective’s only potential suspect, but not likely based on the absence of blood leaving the center of the room. 

February 8th, 2008

Wisconsin State Journal

Reconversion Project


ED TRELEVEN and DEAN MOSIMAN Wisconsin State Journal Feb 6, 2008

The second phase of Downtown Madison’s most extensive private housing project is in default to the tune of more than $26 million. Its lenders said in court documents that seek foreclosure of its three mortgages. 

The fate of the newly completed Metropolitan Place II, a 164-unit condominium tower facing West Mifflin Street, could indicate that national housing trends are reaching Madison, thought by some to be more immune than most places twists and turns in the U.S. economy. 

“This shows that the national foreclosure crisis has hit Downtown Madison for the first time in any meaningful way,” said Ald. Mike Verveer, whose 4th District contains Metropolitan Place II. 

But while the foreclosure action against developer Jeff Fisher and his company comes as market conditions have delayed changes to other major housing projects throughout the city, others are not so certain the condo market is to blame. Spokesmen for the city declined to speculate on exactly what caused Fisher’s struggles at Metro Place Condos or if they’re a sign of things to come. 

Continued- After the strange massacre in 1970, the building had been converted into a mental hospital. Over the years, “Metro Place Sanitarium” lost funding for their program. It was mostly due to modern medications and prisons for the mentally insane. However, there were rumors of misconduct and complaints about the head Doctor, Dr. Tripper. 

Dr. Tripper was in charge of the staffing and patients. He comes to our attention from reviewing old articles on the building and location. It turns out, Dr. Tripper was the same name as the coordinator of the mysterious guest list from the “Metro-Mass Murder” in 1970. Coincidence or evidence of a time-traveling murderer? The man is nowhere to be found, and no records exist of him ever being there. 

Since the closing of the insane asylum, sometimes at the turn of the century, a group of investors took over the property and had planned to turn it back into a luxury high rise condominium. Still, the economy seems to have other plans for the building. In an odd twist, the local banks have again taken over the building. They will continue on with Jeff Fisher’s plans, and again, remodel the building. They have already begun short-selling the units for future move in. Unfortunately for Jeff Fisher, he will not profit from any sales and has lost all of his investment. He was able to hold on to an old hotel wedged between Tower I and Tower II. He had planned to demolish and convert into a modern version of the towers, Tower 3 of the project 100-years after the original construction began. The task for Phase 3 was scrapped, and Jeff Fisher refuses to sell the building to the bank. He takes up residence in the old hotel, only three stories tall, eclipsed by the massive towers he once owned. 

Siri- search Dr. James Francis Quasar

Dr. James Francis Quasar

Biography of James F. Quasar

Professor and founder of Hypothetical Physics

December 13th, 1884 – September 6th, 1930 (presumed)

Before Professor Quasar’s 1930 disappearance, he lived with his wife, Ella, in a small cabin on the isthmus of Madison, WI. They had married on June 4th, 1910, on a warm summer day. Dr. Quasar was twenty-five at the time, and Ella was fifteen. He was noted as saying, “Ten-years younger and ten-times smarter.”, after she helped him win the Nobel Prize in physics for the discovery of the Transient Nano Quantum Particles or “Tranoquarts” as he dubbed them. They had met during a conference at the University of Wisconsin—Madison campus. A colloquium featuring Ernest Rutherford – Discovery of the atomic nucleus. It was a small gathering of no more than ten people—mostly local professors.

After 10-years of studying, James graduated and gained a professorship working for UW—Madison. He hadn’t been much of a student his whole life. Around the age of twenty-four, he had an epiphany and learned something unique about himself; he had learned that he has an exceptional ability to problem-solve. His discovery led him to pursue advanced degrees in mathematics and physics. This newfound life gave him a sense of hope. Leading up to this time in his life, he had been mostly lost due to a series of family events that altered his personality. It wasn’t until he met Ella and began the physics studies that he finally found peace. He and Ella lived in a small house together near campus while they both studied physics together. At the time, it wasn’t easy or even possible in some cases for a woman to get into a doctorate program, so James would go to school. At the same time, Ella stayed home and managed their small estate. He would return in the evenings and reiterate the lectures to her. 

(‘This has to be some sort of a prank. I need a drink.’ ‘I as well.’)


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