Fragmented: Event 1

The Fragmented Series
The Fragmented Series
Fragmented: Event 1

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(Where am I? What is this beneath my back? Some sort of separated land as if the stone melted into tiny granules. The moon is beautiful. I have never seen such a moon. It is so brilliant that one could mistake it for a dull sun.)

He stands up and feels sand squish between his toes, noticing an oddly placed tattoo near his heel. Next to him are a pair of sandals. Instinctively, he slips them on and begins walking along the ocean shore, observing the almost daylight experience the moon is projecting across the land. As he walks down the waterline, he sees two large towers and people lined up and down the beach enjoying the night.

(Strange. I don’t recall seeing animals such as these before? They seem to have some sort of intelligence.)

He looks at his arms, legs, and body, realizing that he is one of them.

(Odd. I don’t remember being such a being. I don’t know anything. I don’t think I do remember anything. What do they call that? Amnesia. Right. What is this I am wearing?)

He pats his body all over, feeling the fabric of his clothes. There is a solid rectangular-shaped item in his left pocket. In his right, there is a cylindrical trinket accompanied by a metallic dreidel.

He pulls each item out and examines them for a moment, and puts them back. He then pulls the object from his left pocket back out and looks at it again. When he tilts it, it glows, and a screen turns on. It reads Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 – 11:03 pm. 

He doesn’t quite understand what he is looking at or interpreting. He begins to fondle the device in search of buttons or something to work with. He has a sense of déjà vu about it as if he has worked with it before. First, he says, “Activate.” Then, “On.” Then, he sees a disk at the base of the screen and puts his thumb to it. The screen then unlocks, exposing multiple icons of which he hasn’t any clue of their purpose.


He puts the phone back in his pocket with the screen still on, letting it glow through the fabric. 

(I wonder where I am?)

After walking some more, he comes by a sign which reads: MIAMI BEACH, WELCOME. 

(Miami beach. What is a Miami?)

As he walks, he starts fidgeting with the items in his pockets. He picks at a loose piece of leather wrapped around his phone. It pulls back, and he feels a slot under it. He takes the phone back out of his pocket and flips a flap back on the back of the phone to see a driver’s license, credit card, debit card, and a card that reads, “Seville.” 

Just as he reads the card, he looks up to see the name and logo match a sign in front of a building he is close to. He puts one and two together and heads to the building. 

(I must be staying here. I hope it’s nice. Huh, this must be me on this ID card. Dr. John D. Asterope. Wonder what Dr. stands for?)

Dr. Asterope heads up to the hotel, exiting the beach, and walks inside. He is immediately greeted by a young girl working the front desk who says to him, “Dr. Asterope, welcome back. Your luggage arrived a few hours ago and has been placed in your room for you. Would you like us to send up any accommodations?” 


“If you are hungry or would like a drink, just let me know or dial zero on your phone upstairs, and that will connect you directly to me. I will be here until midnight, then Patrice takes over.” 

Confused about what to do, the Dr. begins to open his mouth but hesitates, and the girl can tell he doesn’t know where to go, so she asks, “Would you like me to show you to your room?” “Yes, that would be good.” 

The girl responds with a big smile, and her hair bounces slightly as she walks out from behind the desk. The Dr. doesn’t understand his feelings when looking at the girl’s facial features, hair, and slim figure. He can’t comprehend it, but he likes it. 

“Come on, Dr. Asterope, follow me.”

He follows her and watches as she walks to the elevators with an ever-slight left to right bump of the hips. Then they switch from right to left while her high heels click on the floor with each step. It is as if the sound of the heal snapping on the tile is meant to announce the derrière’s next shift. 

“You are on the sixth floor.” The elevator announces it is going up.

The two stand quietly in the elevator. 

The girl looks out the corner of her eye to check out the Dr., finding herself attracted to him. She thinks to herself, (I wonder if he is single. I don’t see a wedding ring. I hope he isn’t gay. There are too many gay guys here. I need a man, like a man’s man. He is tall and muscular. I bet his chest is firm and chiseled. I didn’t expect him to have a body like this.” 

DING: Sixth Floor.

The two exit the elevator and walk down the hall to room 6166. “Here is your room Mr. – Dr. Asterope” “Ah.” 

He doesn’t quite know what to say. He watches her as she slips a card into the door, and a red light turns green. Then the locks click, and she turns the doorknob and opens it. 

“Here you are.” 

She walks into the room, something she isn’t supposed to do unless requested. She acts as if it is her job to give him a tour. After, she sits on the end of the bed, trying to signal to him that she is interested in him and could come right up after her shift ends. Still, he doesn’t understand the body language. 

He walks around the room and then looks out the window to the ocean. Not too far from his room is the area he had just woken at, and he can see the indent in the sand of where he was. The thought of he got here and where here is comes rolling back to his mind. He thinks he should feel anxious about it, but he feels comfortable as if it is supposed to be this way.

Event 1.2

Not sure what to say to the girl sitting on his bed, the Dr. just kind of paces about the room. She sits quietly, waiting for him to say something to her, hoping he asks her to come back when her shift ends. After a few minutes, she becomes impatient. She starts to open her mouth, but a bell sound comes from the Dr.’s pocket right before she does, and the rectangular screen glows.

“What was-is that?” “Huh? Oh.” 

He takes the device out and looks at the glowing screen to see a message from 034017. He then reads: Have you arrived?

“Wow. That is a funny-looking camera you got there, or is that one of them portable TVs?” 

The Dr. doesn’t say anything to the young girl; he stands there just as confused about the device as she appears to be. 

“Well, I can see you are busy, so I will get going. My name is Jenny, by the way. If you missed that from my name tag. I get off at midnight.” 

She again implies that she would like to spend time with him after her shift if he were interested. He looks at her and grins slightly. Then, he puts the device back in his pocket and fidgets with the stuff in the other pocket without taking them out. He contemplates if there is a connection between them all.

“Ok. Bye-bye now.” 

She thinks that maybe he is just shy, so she decides to take the initiative by telling him, “I will be at the hotel bar about 12:15 if you felt like having a drink and someone to talk to.” 

He snaps out of his dazed state when he hears this and looks at the girl pushing herself up off the bed. He asks, “Do I know you?” “No, not really. I mean, we met earlier when you checked in, then you left.” “What time was that?” “I think about 4:00 pm. It was right when I started my shift. Are you alright? You were a lot more chatty this afternoon. Did something happen to you?” “I do-don’t know, really. You say I checked in this afternoon. Checked in?” “Yea, you came in told us your luggage was being delivered and that you would be back later. I gave you your key, and then you left. Where did you go?” “Hmmm.” “Well, if you want that drink, you’ll know where to find me.”

The Dr. again goes silent and turns back to looking out the window, and he hears the door close shut behind him. 

(Meet for a drink. Drink? She must mean some sort of consumption. Maybe this is the pain I am feeling inside. I think this body is telling me to do something. Perhaps I shall meet this girl. Perhaps she can shed some light on the situation at hand.)

Bing: Another message comes through from the same sender with just a question mark.

(What is this messaging system. Who is 034017? ‘What time is it now?’ ‘It is 11:55 pm.’ ‘Let’s go meet with this girl.’ ‘Alright. First, let’s check the luggage. I feel like I know what is going to be inside the burgundy case.’)

The Dr. opens up the luggage. Inside the case is a grey rectangular block of metal with a bitten apple logo on it. He puts his fingers to it and slides them across, feeling the smooth and satisfying texture of the material. He takes it and sets it on the bed next to the suitcase. The rest of the luggage is everyday clothes, except behind it is a thick leather folder about the same size as his phone. He takes it and flips it open to see a strange-looking badge that reads: Agent Asterope.

(Agent Asterope. I guess I am an agent. What does that even mean? Why can’t I remember anything?)

The Dr. takes the laptop, badge, phone, dreidel, and the cylindrical trinket to the hotel desk and sets them down neatly organized. He sees the indent in the crease of the laptop. He slips his finger between the screen and keyboard and pops it open. The screen lights up and suggests he use his fingerprint to unlock it. First, he puts his finger randomly on the laptop, thinking any part can detect it, then he uses common sense and puts it on the shiny black key in the top right. It then unlocks. 

The desktop shows a list of folders, all with different titles. He looks through them and sees one labeled: Seville.

He is not sure how to operate the device. He puts his fingers on the keypad but doesn’t press any keys. He then looks at the square cutout mousepad and puts his finger on it. The cursor shifts just a hair when he does this, and he has an ah-ha moment. He then moves the cursor to the file and starts tapping, assuming that the action required to unlock the file must be correct. When the file opens, it is empty.

Event 1.3

The Dr. decides not to investigate further into the computer until he understands his whereabouts. He changes his clothes into something from the suitcase and goes back down to the lobby. When he arrives, the girl is gone, and Patrice is in her place behind the desk. 

“Excuse me, can you tell me where the hotel bar is?” “Sure thing Dr. Asterope. It is just straight back that way, then down to the right. Can’t miss it.” “Great.”

It isn’t hard to find the bar, and when he walks in, there she is, sitting all pretty with her legs crossed and a tall pink martini in front of her. The Dr. goes to her and pulls a barstool out next to her and sits down. She looks up at him and smiles, then she takes a cherry stuck to a plastic pick and bites it off with erotic gestures. 

“Hey, there, handsome. Glad you could make it. You feeling better?” “I suppose. What’s that you are drinking?” “It’s a tequila sunrise martini. Wanna try it?” “Sure.” 

She hands him the glass, and he takes a sip. The juice hits his tongue, and it tastes good, but his brain tells him not to consume anymore because of the sugar content. He says to Jenny, “That’s good but a bit sweet for me. What do you recommend for me?” “How about a scotch?”

Not knowing what scotch is, he simply concurs. 

“Hey, Jordy, can I get my friend here a Macallan, 12-year.” Jenny turns back to the Dr. and asks, “You want ice with that?” He scrunches his lips and squints his eyes, and says, “Sure.” 

A few minutes later, he is presented with the drink. Jenny then holds her glass up and publicizes, “To a beautiful night.” 

The Dr. picks his glass up, clinks it gently to hers; then, he thinks how he knew to do that. He then takes a sip, not expecting the strong fumes to flood his nostrils and the burn of the liquid on his tongue. When it hits his throat, he coughs, and the girl laughs a little. “Maybe scotch isn’t your drink either.” As he coughs, trying to get the drops of scotch out of his lungs that went down the wrong pipe, he says, “Maybe not.” Once he gets himself together, he takes a good sip, now knowing what to expect. “That’s better. Tastes good.” “Good.”

“So what is that camera deal you have? I have never seen anything like that. What are you some sort of secret spy?” He doesn’t know what it is either. While he thinks of what to say in response, he feels the warmness of the alcohol fill his belly, and then suddenly, like being struck by lightning, he sees flashes of memory fly through his eyes as if the back of his pupil was a movie screen and his optic nerve is the projector in the back of the theater. He becomes still like a manikin as he watches the information present itself to him.

“Are you alright, sweety?” A few seconds pass, and he says, “Yes.”, then takes another sip and when the ethanol flows into the blood, more images and data come pouring in.

“What are you doing? It looks like you are watching a TV in space.” “Sorry. The alcohol is kicking in. I don’t think I usually drink.” “What do you usually do?” “I am not sure. I don’t think I am from this time.” “Huh? Are you a crazy person?” “No. I don’t think so. What year is it?” “1998.” “What year do you think it is?”

To avoid any misunderstandings, he replies, “1998. I am only joking. This scotch is strong.” “Oh, good. You had me worried there for a moment. So, John. You mind if I call you John?” “Not at all.” “So, John. What brings you to Miami, and where are you from?”

Before he starts to try and respond, the barkeep reappears and asks if the two of them would like another round. Jenny replies quickly, telling Jordy to get a second of the same. The bartender then asks if they would like a tab or separate bills. Jenny looks to John, anticipating he will do the gentlemanly thing and offer to pay, and he does. He remembers that he has a credit card under a flap on his phone. He pulls it out and gives it to the bartender. The bartender then takes it and sets it on a receipt on the counter by the mirror. 

“Would you like me to keep this open?” “Open?” “Yes, if you choose to have more drinks or perhaps order some food.” “Oh, yes. I suppose so. I think I need food. Are you hungry, Jenny?” “Maybe an appetizer.” “Alright, what’s good?” “I love the calamari.” “Calamari it is.” (Whatever that is.)

Essential human communications start becoming apparent to the Dr. as the two of them sit and converse with each other. The images flying past the back of his pupil help him understand how to respond and what to do. Each sip of scotch he takes brings on more instructions, and the situation becomes easier to handle. When she asks questions of his past, he can extract data that allows him to reply in a manner to her desire.

The calamari arrives, and the two take little bites between sips until the plate is empty. They have another round and continue flirting with each other. The Dr. is starting to like the situation and doesn’t understand why. The drink makes him more and more comfortable with each sip, and she becomes prettier and prettier to him. She starts to press her shins up against his and slide her foot up and down his calves. She can tell it is exciting him. 

(What is this girl doing to me? It feels so interesting. I don’t think I have ever felt something like this before. At least not in this casing.)

At the beginning of their conversation, she again takes a bite of cherry stuck to the plastic stick. This time she sucks on it and pulls it out, making sure to make her lips look voluptuous. It excites the Dr. further. She leans forward and whispers in his ear, “Are you ready to go back upstairs?” 

The simple blow of wind on his neck inches his pants upward, and she was watching. She puts her hand to his thigh and presses it up firmly to his groin. Then goes back to face the bar, finishes the last of her drink, and signals to the bartender that they are ready to check out. The two sit quietly until the bartender returns. 

When Jordy returns, he comes up to them, leans forward over the bar, and says softly, so the other customers don’t hear, “Is this some sort of a joke?” Jenny asks, “What, Jordy?” “This credit card doesn’t expire until 2023. The machine won’t even recognize it.” Jenny grabs it from Jordy’s hand and looks at it. It is smooth without any brailed numbers and has a metal chip embedded in it. “What the hell is this, John? You some sort of scam artist?” “No. Sorry, that must be a prop of some sort. Can you charge it to my room?” “Prop?” 

Jenny tells Jordy that the card on file for the room worked fine, so it is OK to charge it. Then she says, “Or I can pay. Let me pay – that is fine because I invited you anyways.” “Alright, thanks.”

The two of them make their way back to the Dr.’s room. Jenny asks him, “So what is up with that card and that weird camera? Are you from the future or something?” “Maybe. Just maybe.” 

(Maybe I shouldn’t be bringing this girl back to my room, but something tells me that I need to be with her. A primal instinct I cannot control.)

“Do you have any protection?” “Like a gun or a knife.” “Cute. No, a condom.” (Condom?) “Um.” “I’ll take that as a no. Well, are you clean?” “I think so.” “How often do you sleep around?” “I don’t – well, I do sleep. What do you mean?” “When was the last time you had sex and were tested for STDs?” “I don’t think I have ever had sex.” (Not sure what that is?)

As they walk into the room, Jenny presses herself up to him slipping her hand down his pants, saying, “You are in for a real treat then, Doctor.” 

When he feels her embrace him, more images fill his eyeball, and he is reminded of making love.

The two spend a few hours entangled in each other, and then Jenny falls asleep. While she sleeps, the Dr. further investigates his trinkets. He takes the pen-shaped object and clicks a button on it. When he does this, a short needle pops out the end. The sight of it brings a flashback of memory to him. He sees the needle stick into his throat from the reflection of the mirror in front of him. It startles him, and he drops the device. When it hits the ground, the force pushes the button, and the needle retracts.

Event 1.4

Dr. Asterope wakes up in his bed to see the girl at his desk staring at his computer. 

“What are you doing?” “This is the craziest laptop I have ever seen. There is no way this isn’t some sort of government secret spy shit. Who – are you?” 

Feeling much more comfortable with the girl now that they have had intercourse, he decides to tell her the truth that he doesn’t know who he is or how he got here. 

“I don’t know who I am or how I got here. I just woke up on the beach with those items in my pockets, and when I came to the room, the laptop was in my suitcase.” 

“Says here on your badge thingy that you are an agent. What kind of agent?” “I don’t know. I really don’t know.” “You are not joking with me, are you? This isn’t some sort of way to get out of calling me or seeing me again?” “Believe me – I wanna see you all the time.” “It looks like you got some messages on this camera deal last night. Here.” 

Jenny hands the doctor his phone. He then unlocks it to read a string of messages from 034017. 


Have you arrived?


What is this I hear about you having sex? You know this is against protocol. 

Respond agent!

“What does it say?” “I don’t know.” “Do you know how to unlock this computer?” “Yes, you put your finger to the top right button.” 

Jenny puts her finger to the button then the screen shakes and says incorrect password. “I think it must only work with your finger.” “Alright, one second.”

Dr. Asterope gets up off the bed and walks over to the desk where the laptop is. He then sits down and unlocks it. Once unlocked, he feels a pinch on his neck, and everything goes blank.

A few hours later, he wakes up and feels the sensation of the sand supporting his back as he lay on the beach staring up at the moon. He pushes himself up off the sand. The previous night that hasn’t yet happened begins flashing before him like a picture slide printed on the back of his pupil. Simultaneously, other parts of his memory come back, and he has a sense of where he is. He pulls his phone out of his pocket and slides out the cards in the wallet case attached to it. He sees his driver’s license, the credit and debit card, and a key card, but this time the access card says Miami Beach Edition.

He checks the date and time and reads Wednesday, July 7th, 2021 – 11:04 pm. Only a minute after he first checked when he woke up last time. He remembers he is supposed to meet someone at the Miami Beach Edition.

(Dr. Watson. Yes, Agent 034017: Doc Wat. We are to meet at midnight. Wait, was last night just a dream? I don’t quite know exactly what I am doing here or who I am. I just know that I am supposed to meet the Doc. I wonder if there are any messages.)

He checks his phone for messages, but the strings are empty. The whole phone is blank, and there is nothing but factory presets—not even a single contact. 

Not too concerned about the situation, the Dr. walks back to the hotel once named Seville and enters. He expects to see Jenny at the desk, but the whole lobby looks different, and she is not there.

Event 1.5

“Hello Dr. Asterope, will you be checking out tomorrow? Your luggage is in your room.” “Room 6166?” “Yep! That is the one.”

As the Dr. stands in front of the desk, he watches as the girl texts or fiddles with something on her phone instead of providing him service. After a minute, she looks up at him and asks, “Did you need something?” He doesn’t say anything and walks away, and she goes right back to her phone unphased. 

He decides to head up to his room to see if he has the same luggage. When he arrives at his room, he is surprised to see that the luggage is already open and the laptop and his badge are sitting on the desk just as he left them last time.

“Hey, you.” “JESUS! Where the hell. What?” “I was wondering where you went. You just up and disappeared right in front of me this morning. I mean – like – are you a magician?” “Huh. I thought. What? What day is it?” “Same day as it was this morning. Some guy stopped by looking for you. He said to tell you that he’d be at the bar at midnight. You got time for a quicky?” 

Confused about what is happening, he first decides that he must leave, but then Jenny walks up to him and lets her robe slip off and fall to the floor. The moment he sees her petite and supple bosoms, he gives in and takes her right there on the desk, pushing the items aside.   

The dreidel gets knocked off the table, rolls across the floor, and starts spinning while they are going at it. When it did this, a holographic image appeared of a man dressed in a trench coat and fedora hat, keeping his face unseen. He begins to talk: Agent Asterope- Your mission is to find and destroy project tinker bell. If your memory dilutes you, rub the tattoo on your leg to jump-start your I.M.S. (Inorganic Memory Storage). 

He sees this happening in the mirror’s reflection just above the desk while he has Jenny’s legs wrapped around him. He decides he wants to finish before he rubs this tattoo. Then he feels her legs wrapping tighter around him and her arms squeezing his neck. He is still thrusting in her, and the combination of the loss of oxygen from her choking him with an orgasm sends a rush of blood to his head, and everything goes fuzzy. He sees little stars dancing all about the room, and he then passes out.

When he wakes up, he is back on the beach again, and this time he has the Seville card. He immediately rubs the tattoo on his leg, and it starts to illuminate and rearrange. He realizes it is not an actual tattoo. Instead, it is liquid nano storage of data that remains secure during interdimensional travels to extract any information that may have been lost in transferring one’s body. The former tattoo melts away and seeps into his skin. His body becomes erect as if possessed as the material makes its way through the blood to his brain cells. Suddenly everything becomes apparent, and his mission is clear. 

This time he knows exactly what to do. He jumps up and heads back to the hotel, and Jenny is back working at the front desk. He replays the same act as he did the first time he met her and heads to his room to avoid suspicion. 

The suitcase is there unopened this time. He takes the laptop out, turns it on, and goes right to the Miami Beach Edition file. When he opens it, there is a picture of Jenny titled Tinker Bell. He then opens another document that explains the mission at hand. It warns of the dangers of falling in love with her and to steer clear of any provocative situations. 

WARNING: Intercourse with target Tinker Bell could cause a temporal vortex. Do not engage without full memory activation. Suppose you are in a sequence of repetitive events. In that case, she is also in the same sequence with all memory of the previous events.

When Agent Asterope reads this, the door opens, so he quickly turns his head towards it. He sees Jenny standing there holding something. He tries to see what it is, but he cannot make it out from a distance. 

“Looking for me, sweety?” “Who are you?” “Does it matter? I was really enjoying our endless days of lovemaking. It’s too bad you don’t remember them all. You got me pregnant once, and we had a good life together. Then you disappeared, and here we are again.” “How many times have I been here.” “Oh, I don’t know, maybe twenty.” “And it lasted longer than the day on occasion?” “Decades. I was actually hoping you’d be interested in another long-term stay. We are destined for each other. We can stay here together forever, my love. No one can stop us just so long as we continue making love. But this is the last time we can do this since you activated the transient tattoo.  Come with me; I want to show you something.”

With his full memory activated, he recalls the complete mission to destroy Jenny. Still, the very sight of her is intoxicating, and the memories she mentions come to him as miniature flashbacks. A simple sensation of true love fills his heart. He tries to stop himself from thinking that way, remembering that he was warned of this girl and her manipulative ways. It was a common saying in his class: When is a Jenny lying? Whenever they open their mouths. Stories of these situations had been told amongst other agents and the difficulty of walking away from pure beauty and innocent sex.

Agent Asterope couldn’t help but follow her, thinking that if something goes wrong, he can just restart the mission from the beginning knowing the end result now. As he believes that, she says to him, “You won’t be able to come back after this one. Your I.M.S. is activated, and now your memory won’t survive the trip.” “Why would you tell me this?” “Because I love you. I have and always will love you.” 

Confusion fills the Dr.’s brain as to whether or not she is lying or telling the truth. “You don’t need to be confused.” (I don’t?) “No.” (You can read my mind?) “Yes.” (You can read mine also.) 

The two of them walk down the beach in the moonlight, having a telepathic conversation with each other.

(Don’t you remember who you are?) (I am Agent Asterope – Timewave Operations- Task 3.) (That is one of your identities.) (You and I were sent here millennia ago to initiate this race. We have been lost in time. I have been trying to find you for centuries. I created the temporal vortexes to trap you long enough for you to remember your past. At least that was my plan. Somewhere in the past, we had to jump bodies to survive, and yours went wrong. We got separated. I have been searching for you for eons. I even split myself into multiple persons to try and find you faster. This is why your team calls us Jenny’s. But they are all just me. I am just simultaneously existing on multiple timewaves.) (How do I know you are telling the truth?) (You don’t. But how do you feel when you are with me?) (Perfect.) (Then let that be the truth.) 

Dr. Asterope stops and leans in to kiss Jenny, and she becomes still, letting him embrace her. He can tell by the looseness of her muscles that she trusts him. (He’s coming.) (Who?)

Without notice, bands of electricity start to wrap around the two of them, and they become frozen, unable to move. Just before Dr. Asterope passes out from being tased, he sees Doc Wat. The Doc is holding a long shiny metal photon emitter, spitting straps of lighting laced ropes out of it and around him and Jenny. As his eyes drift shut, he hears Dr. Watson say into a small speaker on his coat, “We got them.”

Event 1.6

(Where are we?) (In a timewave capsule, being sent back to one of their basecamps. You should know all about it.) (I do. I was sent to capture you, but why are they charging me?) (Because you are their real target. I am just a pawn to them. I tried to keep them away for as long as I could. It was when you activated the nanotech tattoo that they were able to locate us.) (But, I have been with them since I was a child?) (Many have. They recruited all the men on a particular set of timewaves, knowing one of them is you; they just didn’t know who. So they set up a trap to try and find you by using me.) (How did you know about this?) (I got wise to it with the first one they sent. It wasn’t difficult as I can read minds. You can’t imagine how happy I felt when you arrived.) (How long ago was that?) (Technically, only hours, but I was able to keep us tied up for a few hundred years. We had a family once. It was beautiful. Our daughter lives in another dimension.) (We must break free and find her.) (I wish we could, but we are in a cellular structure that separates us from reality. There is no way to reach the worlds we lived in. Humans may be primitive, but when it comes to imprisonment, they are pretty ingenuitive. Stems from greed.) (What will happen to us now?) (This is it. An eternity of this.) (What is this? I can’t see, hear or feel anything.) (This casing is a cross-dimensional data platform designed to host a conscience at a two-dimensional level, which means we cannot reach anyone in our fourth-dimensional world. To them, seeing us is like trying to see the writing on a piece of paper by looking at it from the side.) (We have to get out of here.) (The only thing we can do is wait for someone to download us into another organic vessel or for the material to decay, and we can be released.) (How long will that take?) (Essentially forever since this is a quartz-based hard drive we are in. The decay rate is astronomical.) (How can you be so calm about this?) (We are immortal. This has been our existence since the beginning of time. I am just happy we are back together.) (What is your name?) (We have had many words over the ages. Most know us as Adamah and Ḥawwāh.)

The End


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